Kawasaki Hydraulic pump & motor. 


SX506 AM SX506 BM, SX507 BM, SX508 BM, CM SX510AM BM CM, SX 510BM
SB508 V3, SB510 BM, SB508

B45, B45 4L, B52 4L 5KLTT, B60 4L 4KLTT, B60 4L5KLTT, B70 4L4KLTT, B70 4L 5KLTT, B70-4L

BZ 716 110 R / L, BZ 720 110 R / L, BZ 732 S 110 RH, BZ732 S110RH, BZ732 S110L
BV 720, BV 732, BV 740
LZ 090, LZ 120-110R, LZ 180, LZ 260
LV 180, LV 500 410

Kawasaki Staffa: HMB 80, HMB 125, HMB 200, HMB 27O
HMC 125, HMC 200, HMC 270


We Supply Kawasaki Hydraulic Pump & Motor. We provide a very good quality to our costumer. For more detail or any other requirement of Marine machinery please contact us. Email: [email protected]